The most complete offer: The 45 Tours

I invite you to discover, improve or specialize in fishing to the 2 flagship species of the department: the Aspand the Black-Bass.

From Orléans or elsewhere in the department, I will guide you on the 2 species during the day !

The 45 tours, offers to come as you are and let yourself be guided !

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a fishing day !

Your fishing guide , Nicolas Archambault
OFFERS: 180€* for 1 fisherman, 250€* for 2 fishermen, 300€* for 3 fishermen
Included: provision of equipment (rods / lures etc)"
Not Included: food, drink, personal clothing

* 50% discount for teenagers.
* 1 adult fisherman + 1 teenager. fisherman at the price of an adult !
* the Fishing Guide, as a personnel coach, teach (techniques, gesture corrections..) and guide and DO NOT FISH during the guiding time.
A "typical" day could be as follows:

1st part: the Asp, the silver arrow of the Loire !

We will hunt down this magnificent sports carnivore in wadding!
What could be more immersive than moving along the sandbanks, currents and beaches of the Loire.

2nd part: the Black-Bass, the green devil !

After a sporty morning going up the currents and walking in the sand, we can go 'rest' along the canals in search of Black-Bass.
Ok, I said 'rest', I was only talking about the legs !